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Atos Launched An Artificial Intelligence Powered Platform ‘ThinkAI’

Atos has recently launched its new end-to-end scalable artificial intelligence-powered platform ThinkAI. This unique platform will enable organizations to successfully design, develop, and deliver high-performance artificial intelligence software. 

The platform is dedicated to the companies that want to run more accurate and faster simulations using traditional high-performance computing. ThinkAI would allow enterprises to process and analyze large amounts of complex data in a very short time by integrating artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. 

This technology of Atos will also help companies to reduce their carbon footprints to create a competitive advantage. Alex Norton, data analysis manager at Hyperion, said, “The Atos ThinkAI solution brings together the important pieces for HPC users, at all levels of their artificial intelligence journey, to leverage the significant opportunities of AI in their own research.”

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He further explained that this solution could help customers to combine the latest hardware and software technologies to speed up the development of critical artificial intelligence-based solutions. ThinkAI is the most comprehensive high performance computing and artificial intelligence solution available in the market. 

It is a wholesome platform that provides consultation and hardware-software solutions and delivers rapid results at reduced operational costs. 

The ThinkAI solution framework consists of – 

  • ‘Advise’ with industry-contextualized consulting supported by experts at The Atos Center of Excellence. 
  • ‘Architect’ using best in class artificial intelligence hardware and software, including partnerships with Graphcore and NVIDIA, aided with Atos’ digital security.
  • ‘Accomplish’ with end-to-end solution orchestration, accelerating time to artificial intelligence operationalization and industrialization at a reduced cost.

Agnes Boudot, Senior Vice President of Atos, said, “Artificial intelligence has created a new paradigm for applications in the scientific and industrial domains, catalyzing the processing of data to actionable insights. As the complexity of machine learning models and its associated costs continue to grow substantially, dedicated high-performance artificial intelligence infrastructures become crucial for organizations that want to deliver research breakthroughs. “

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