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Refinitiv launches AI assistant in Microsoft Teams for Market Insights

Refinitiv AI Alerts can seamlessly provide professionals a competitive edge in their research and consumer interactions.

Financial markets data and infrastructure providing company Refinitiv announces the launch of its new AI assistant, Refinitiv AI Alerts, in Microsoft Teams for delivering impactful market insights. 

The company has partnered with human-centered artificial intelligence company ModuleQ to develop the new Ai assistant. Refinitiv AI Alerts empower financial professionals with personalized, timely, and actionable market insights. 

ModuleQ’s patented algorithms and Refinitiv’s Intelligent Tagging service create user-specific content suggestions and alerts, which are then linked back to Refinitiv Eikon and Workspace for further analysis and action. 

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Refinitiv AI Alerts asks for permission to learn the user’s specific priorities from their Microsoft 365 interactions, keeps that information private, and suggests content based on planned meetings and frequent email chats. 

“We welcome partner solutions such as Refinitiv AI Alerts, which combine the best of market-leading data, AI, and workflow to provide our mutual customers with even more value from our relationships,” said Corporate VP of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft, Bill Borden. 

The tool can seamlessly provide professionals with a competitive edge in their research and consumer interactions. London Stock Exchange Group’s subsidiary Refinitiv was founded by David Craig in 2018. The firm specializes in providing insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms for the finance industry. Refinitiv has a customer base of more than 40,000 institutions spread across 190 countries worldwide. 

Group Head of Data and Analytics at London Stock Exchange Group, Andrea Remyn Stone, said, “Refinitiv AI Alerts brings critical content and insights to Refinitiv’s customer base within this platform, with the goal of allowing users to discover and act on timely information across Teams, Refinitiv solutions and Microsoft 365 seamlessly.” 

She further added that Microsoft Teams has become a must-have platform for workers in the financial services industry, and institutions are quick to adopt it. Therefore the newly launched Refinitiv AI Alerts will be very beneficial for Teams users.

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