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Raspberry Pi recreates T-800 Terminator Skull using Machine Learning

The project is housed inside of a replica prop of the skull of the Terminator that is big enough to house a full-sized Pi.

Michael Darby, the maker of 314Reactor, has recreated the T-800 Terminator head with the help of Raspberry Pi 4 – a series of small single-board computers, and a slew of accessories. 

The project is housed inside a replica prop of the skull of a T-800 Terminator that is big enough to accommodate a full-sized Pi. Along with Pi, Darby has installed a speaker in the skull for audio output and a camera in the eye. Besides, the skull uses machine learning to synthesize speech and recognize objects detected via the camera module.

The details for the project were shared in full at Hackster. According to the report, the parts of the project include a Raspberry Pi 4 – 8 GB, LEDs, an Adafruit Braincraft HAT, a camera module, and a speaker from Seeed Studio. 

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Darby found the T-800 skull prop at a UK-based online shop called The Cave. He said that this was his 3rd attempt at creating a working T-800 skull. Previous attempts involved using methods like 3D printing to replicate the prop.

This project is an open source project which means the code used to drive the T-800 skull is available for anyone to use for free. The source code can be found on Michael Darby’s official GitHub profile.

To know how to recreate this Raspberry Pi project or to get a closer look at how it works, visit the complete build guide at Hackster. Also, check out the demo video shared on YouTube to know more.

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