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IBM announces Db2 operator on AWS for Kubernetes

Db2 was first launched as a way to get a cloud-native version of the database in the cloud.

IBM has announced the launch of the Db2 operator on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for Kubernetes. The tech corporation has promised the same would be available on Azure AKS during the second half of 2022.

Db2 was first launched as a way to get a cloud-native version of the database in the cloud. However, it was only available on RedHat OpenShift.

IBM has now ported Db2u universal container services to Amazon EKS. The same is expected to be done for Azure AKS. Db2 database administrator Ember Crooks has written about the backstory of Db2u. IBM also released a tutorial introducing the product.

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According to Scott Konash, Db2 director at Datavail, a database support and services company, IBM’s support for Db2 in Kubernetes on AWS and Azure was well received by users looking for a cloud migration path for their on-prem databases.

In the earlier days of the development of cloud services, IBM struggled to persuade users that the optimal way to transfer Db2 to the new infrastructure was to use its cloud services.

With no fully managed relational database service for Db2 on AWS, there was no feasible way to get Db2 onto Amazon’s platform, which is still dominant in the market. IBM is now starting to become more open with Db2u containerization. The company is a game changer in keeping existing customers on the database while offering a route to the cloud.

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