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Qpisemi launches AI 2.0 Processors based on Integrated Photonics and Newer Software Paradigm

The company says that the new AI 2.0 processor will be 100 times faster than GPUs used in datacenters.

Bengaluru-based semiconductor manufacturing company Qpisemi announces the launch of its new AI 2.0 processors, which are based on the company’s innovation in integrated photonics and newer software paradigm. 

The processor can be used to perform various purposes such as bioinformatics, AI modeling, drug discovery, metaverse, manufacturing, and others. According to the company, it’s newly announced AI 2.0 processors use optical processors to carry out neural-network calculations with photons. 

The processor is unique as other traditional semiconductors use electrons instead of photons to perform the same operation. Qpisemi claims that AI 2.0 will significantly impact manufacturing, advanced metaverse applications, and supply chain management. 

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“AI 2.0 is more advanced technology than current DL/ML technologies available. AI 2.0 would enable efficient actionable information generation in real-time that would match close to human intelligence at certain tasks at the edge. AI 2.0 would model emergent behavior accurately, which is not possible currently with DL and ML technologies.” said Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja. 

He further added that this would allow for more precise modeling of megastructures such as pandemic transmission, economies, transportation networks, advanced metaverse applications, and advanced manufacturing. 

Qpisemi’s new AI 2.0 processor that has been codenamed AI20PXX will be a hundred times faster than traditional GPUs used in datacenters. The processor is intended for automotive and metaverse applications, featuring teraflops operations to enable fully autonomous vehicles, as well as an AI 2.0 technological foundation. 

Director and Co-founder of Qpisemi, Pinakin Padalia, said, “long with discrete cryo electronics, which is getting taped out in 2022, we hope to have a working chip for AI20P and also Quantum secure CPU ‘Prakhar’ at test chip and simulations levels respectively this year.” 

He also mentioned that this year, they plan to construct high-quality R&D and commercial development teams at Qpisemi in preparation for their product launch in 2023-25.

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