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PepsiCo Uses Artificial Intelligence To Bring Products To Life

PepsiCo introduces artificial intelligence and data analytics to bring each product to life. The AI collects and analyzes the data on potential flavor combinations and product categories, aiding the decision-making process. 

Customer research plays a huge role in product release. PepsiCo uses an artificial intelligence-driven tool called Tastewise, which positions algorithms to analyze why and what the consumers are eating. Tastewise says its tool has monitored more than 95 million menu items, 226 billion recipe interactions, and 22.5 billion social posts, among other consumer touchpoints. These massive amounts of data are utilized to analyze future products. 

For data-driven social predictions, PepsiCo utilizes another AI tool called Trendscop. It focuses extensively on social conversations around food in general on Twitter, Reddit, blogs, review boards, etc. The tool measures, analyze the volume and growth of product-related data by picking up relevant context from various platforms. 

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Not only for the product selection, but even after the product is developed, artificial intelligence and machine learning play a key role in sales and marketing. AI is also used in the quality control of targeted advertisements. Not only these, but Pepsico also mentioned that artificial intelligence is utilized in reducing water consumption in agriculture and manufacturing.
Customer relationship management is crucial for any large customer serving enterprise, natural language processing helps much effectively in registering customers’ questions, suggestions, or complaints.

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