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OpenAI’s ChatGPT passes United States Medical Licensing Examination 

According to a new research experiment, ChatGPT showed "moderate accuracy" and was "comfortably within the passing range" in the exams.

ChatGPT, Open AI’s artificial intelligence dialogue chatbot, has passed all three divisions of the United States Medical Licensing Examination, according to experts. 

According to the latest research experiment, ChatGPT was comfortably within the passing range and depicted moderate accuracy in the exams. The name of the experiment is Performance of ChatGPT on USMLE: Potential for AI-Assisted Medical Education Using Large Language Models. The research is still being peer-reviewed.

The researchers wrote in the paper that ChatGPT performed at or almost near the passing threshold for all the three exams without any specialized training or reinforcement. 

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Researchers said the tool was capable of demonstrating a high level of insight and concordance in its explanation. They added that the results suggest that large language models may, in fact, have the potential to assist with medical education and clinical decision-making.

The first step of the exam was taken by medical students who have completed at least two years of learning. The second was taken by fourth-year medical students who have completed up to two years of clinical rotations. The step three was conducted by postgraduate students.

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