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How Zevi’s AI-powered site search and discovery platform improves conversion and engagement for your website? 

Zevi's NLP based site-search engine is making neural search accessible to businesses.

Accurate search opens the door to more customers and better conversions. Despite this potential, only 15% of companies devote resources to site search optimization, and only 7% report actionable learnings from this data. is addressing this setback by bridging the gap between what your customers want and what you offer through their AI-driven NLP search, which lets users search in the way that comes most naturally to them. is a developer of a search engine system with natural language processing (NLP) designed to improve online conversion and engagement for brands. The company’s AI-Search engine, which can be integrated into your website, specializes in truly understanding user queries by comprehending the context of the query and helps to fetch suitable listings for users, enabling stakeholders to enable easy discovery and fulfill business goals with maximum control on search.

At the Inception 

“The problem of discovery still persists today, and site search (search bar within site) as a medium to search has been one of the leading contributors to churn,” said Shyam Nallasenapathy, co-founder of “We wanted to challenge this end-to-end, and that is one of the primary reasons why we went after the problem. Today, almost 50% of revenue comes from the search bar, but it also contributes to a 70% churn which needs to be fixed.” was co-founded by Shyam Nallasenapathy and Anshul Basia. Shyam was working as the senior manager for search, sort, personalization, and storefront at Myntra, and Anshul was working on NLP projects with Microsoft in Redmond when they both decided to initiate their journey with “We were a part of Entrepreneur First, and that is how our first cheque came in. After which our investors WEH ventures, Titan capital, Kube VC and Veda VC joined us in our journey,” said Nallasenapathy. Entrepreneur First is an international talent investor, which supports individuals in building technology companies.

AI-driven Search and Discovery Solutions by

“We are an engine that searches by meaning and not by text, making it near human-like experience to find what a person is looking for and not only that, today we are the only engine that can support multilingual search like (Hindi + English, English + Spanish, etc.,” said Nallasenapathy. is bridging the gap between what customers want and what you have to offer through its search, analytics, and merchandising solutions.

From discovery to engagement to conversion, Neural Search speeds up every step of the sales pipeline with search that’s built for context. It helps understand the semantics behind search queries and provides accurate, business-impacting results that are uninhibited by vague or incorrect inputs. Some perks of Neural Search include: 

AI-based search suggestions

Neural Search stays a step ahead of customers, with real-time suggestions to assist them in inputting precise requirements. Zevi’s engine analyzes search query patterns and learns from them continuously, ensuring that your search suggestions are constantly updated based on user behavior.

AI-powered spell check and synonyms

The site search engine resolves inaccuracies with a spell-check layer that automatically corrects misspelled terms across languages. It also corrects spelling errors based on what is relevant to the catalog and the search vertical. The neural-architecture search AI creates its own associations between words, which get more robust based on search usage, discarding the need for a synonym layer.

Context-sensitive search

The engine understands search queries in a more profound manner by matching the context with the right products from Zevi’s database without any need for manual tagging. This is possible for any vertical, and users can always search in their natural way.

Real-time Data and Analytics

Zevi’s search engine system allows users to analyze visitor search journeys and identify bottlenecks to boost conversions. It also leverages real-time data and tools to make intelligent improvements to your visitors’ search experience.

Real-time Data and Analytics by Zevi helps users understand how visitors search and optimize their site for more significant revenue. With visitor search insights, users can always have the most detailed and accurate picture of what their customers are searching for, how often, and whether they get what they are looking for. The growth-oriented metrics allow one to understand visitor search behavior deeply and translate it into more conversions and fewer dead-end searches. Users can use data on visitor behavior to set up hard pins, redirections, and new content. 

Smart Merchandising

Zevi makes online merchandising more effective by focusing on your business goals, guiding your customers toward the most beneficial and relevant search results, and showing your customers the specific search results that you want them to see.  

By integrating into their websites, users can promote specific search results based on several performance-oriented parameters, including engagement rate, revenue generated, and customer ratings. It also allows owners to meet their business goals by pinning specific search results so that they always appear at the top of the search rankings when a user searches for a given query.

Towards the Future is all set to rise up in the industry. “We have been able to deliver ~20+% jump in conversion rates and ~30+% jump in average order value for our users. All of these were over and above leading e-commerce site search engines,” said Nallasenapathy. When asked about the future plans for the company, Nallasenapathy said, “We want to rethink the search and discovery experience, and that’s what we are after. As more and more content gets boarded onto the digital mediums, the need for a good search engine becomes imperative, and we want Zevi to be a frontier in the new age site search tech.”

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