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NVIDIA NeMo: Develop Conversational AI Models In 3 Lines Of Code

NVIDIA at GTC released NVIDIA NeMo (Neural Modules), an open-source toolkit to develop Conversational AI models on the fly. As per the company, you can make Conversational AI processing models in just 3 lines of code. The PyTorch-based NVIDIA NeMo consists of building blocks and pre-trained models, which can be leveraged to fine-tune or build upon with minimal effort.

Developers and researchers often go through complex processes: data pre-processing, modifying several networks, and verifying compatibility across input layers while developing NLP-based modes. To address such challenges, NeMo comes with domain-specific–automated speech recognition (ASR), NLP, and text-to-speech (TTS)–modules and building blocks.

NVIDIA NeMo caters to a wide range of Conversational AI workflows by bringing the entire dependencies in one place. Besides, NeMo models can be exported to NVIDIA Jarvis–an application framework for multimodal Conversational AI services that delivers real-time performance on GPUs–for high-performance interface with a single command. “You can expert models in ONNX, PyTorch, and TorchScrip,” noted in the NVIDIA blog.

Users will have access to state-of-the-art models like QuartzNet, Jasper, BERT, TRacotron2, and WaveGlow in just three lines of code from NVIDIA NGC. Most of the models available in NGC are trained for over 100,000 hours on NVIDIA DGX™ across a wide range of datasets. One can effortlessly modify these domain-specific modules according to their requirements and deploy with minimal clutters.

At the time when Conversational AI is proliferating in video calls for real-time transcripts and chatbots for customer services, NeMo can become an enabler for organizations in delivering superior customer experience. Companies can use NeMo and streamline their development and deployment of Conversational AI models in their products and services.

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Building NLP models is very complicated as it requires enormous computing power to train the models. With NVIDIA NeMo, you can minimize the cost while ensuring you are deploying superior Conversational AI models.

You can read more about NeMo and check some of the tutorials here.

Credit: NVIDIA

Stay tuned for more announcement from NVIDIA GTC.

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