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NeMo LLM Service: Nvidia’s cloud service to make AI less complicated

The tech giant is constantly trying to reduce AI-related complexities with its cloud platforms and conversational computing.

Nvidia has announced NeMo LLM, its first cloud service to make AI less complicated. NeMo LLM will focus on making large language models more accessible for experimentation and deployment across multiple domains. 

Ian Buck, GM and VP of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia, said that many AI models need to be turned into more accessible applications so that enterprises can fit them in real-world settings. NeMo LLM  adds a layer of intelligence and interactivity to enable user interaction with complex AI models like DALL-E 2. Such language models are trained on billions of parameters, making model tuning a challenging task.

Nvidia’s NeMo LLM service will add a conversational element to many such models across domains like finance, medicine, or technology. Buck said, “This service will help bring large language models to all sorts of different use cases – to generate profit summaries, for product reviews, to build technical Q&A, for medical use cases.”

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NeMo LLM takes some pre-trained models like NeMo Megatron (trained on 530 billion parameters), GPT-3 (trained on 175 billion parameters), or T5 (trained on 11 billion parameters); and constructs a domain-based framework around it. This saves the need to train a model from scratch.

Nvidia is also launching the BioNeMo service along with NeMo LLM to provide researchers with access to pre-trained biology and chemistry language models. It is aimed to aid researchers in interacting with and manipulating protein and data for drug discovery. The initial two BioNeMo protein models, ESM-1 and ESM-2, cater to encoding essential biological information of large protein databases and predicting 3D protein structures from amino acid sequences, respectively. 

The NeMo LLM cloud service will be the recent addition to Nvidia’s stable software machines, like RIVA and Merlin.

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