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UNESCO inaugurates 2022 State of the Education Report for India: Artificial Intelligence in Education

The fourth edition of the report talks about the state of artificial intelligence and the AI market in India.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, has inaugurated the State of the Education Report for India: Artificial Intelligence in Education. This is the fourth edition of the annual flagship report of the New Delhi UNESCO office. 

Based on extensive research and study, the report provides insight into the state of artificial intelligence and its market in the country. It talks about AI as a subject and its application in the education sector. As per the report, the Indian AI market will reach a net worth of US $7.8 billion by 2025, showcasing a compound annual growth of 20.2 percent! 

The press release mentions 10 recommendations by UNESCO for promoting AI in education. These recommendations specify AI ethics as a priority, the need for a regulatory framework, effective public-private partnerships, expanding AI literacy, work on correcting algorithmic biases, and a few others. 

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Eric Falt, Director at UNESCO, New Delhi, said, “India has made significant strides in its education system, and strong indicators point to the country’s notable efforts to enhance learning outcomes, including by using Artificial Intelligence-powered education technology.” 

He also mentioned that artificial intelligence is one of the areas where the Indian government has advanced and made tremendous strides in the last few years.

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