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Miso Robotics’ Automated Coffee system gets deployed at Panera Bread outlets

The CookRight Coffee system monitors indicators such as volume, temperature, and time data and combines it with predictive analytics to make a quality cup of coffee.

Bakery chain Panera Bread started to deploy artificial intelligence-powered robots developing company Miso Robotics’ new automated coffee brewing system named CookRight Coffee at its outlets. 

According to the company, Miso Robotics’ new system is currently being tested at two locations of Panera Bread. 

The novel robot ensures a quality cup of coffee and a more efficient team member experience by monitoring indicators such as volume, temperature, and time data and combining it with predictive analytics. 

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Moreover, an additional feature of the CookRight Coffee system is that it can automatically evolve as it learns from its environment and add new enhancements over time. 

With the deployment of this new technology, Panera Bread aims to further accelerate and increase the reach of its coffee and tea subscription program. Users can enjoy the benefits of this program, including the option to drink unlimited tea or coffee at a price of $8.99 per month. 

Adoption of new-age technologies is now not limited to selected industries, multiple sectors, including retail, food & beverage, and several others, have started to deploy AI-powered tech and have integrated those systems into their daily operations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a vital role in accelerating this shift as consumers worldwide are looking for no-contact services to minimize the chances of acquiring the virus and eliminate cross-contamination. 

Apart from Panera Bread, Chipotle also started using a version of Miso Robotics‘ arm-based automaton tailored to create tortilla chips, dubbed Chippy. The robotic arm is now being tested at Chipotle’s Cultivate Center, an innovation hub in Irvine, California, and the company said it would expand its operations over the coming months. 

The company believes that its partners will show an overwhelming response to its CookRight Coffee system and deploy the tech at scale by the end of this year. “In order to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving restaurant industry, we want our products to come to market quickly and maintain a high level of flexibility,” said CEO of Miso Robotics, Mike Bell. 

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