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Fluence to acquire AI Software as a Service company Nispera

The acquisition will allow Fluence to integrate its technology with Nispera’s portfolio of capable applications to provide better services to its customers.

Energy storage technology solutions providing company Fluence announces that it plans to acquire artificial intelligence-powered Software as a Service (SaaS) firm Nispera. 

According to the official statement, Nispera’s acquisition deal is valued at $30 million, including an all-cash buyout provision. Additionally, Fluence will also issue restricted stock to Nispera’s management team. 

This acquisition will allow Fluence to integrate its technology with Nispera’s portfolio of capable applications, including its SaaS platform, portfolio management application, predictive maintenance app, and operations management platform, to provide better services to its customers. 

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Fluence’s IQ Digital Platform is machine learning-powered software that offers hourly and daily recommendations on when and how much to bid into auctions for energy and grid services. The competent platform allows users to make better real-time decisions based on historical data and forecasting metrics. 

Chief Executive Officer and President of Fluence, Manuel Perez Dubuc, said, “With this acquisition, we are primed to expand our portfolio of digital products and services for customers around the world. Furthermore, it represents a powerful cross-selling opportunity to offer energy storage products to owners of existing renewable energy assets and portfolios.” 

Perez added that he is very excited to welcome Nispera, a customer-centric organization that shares its values and mission of transforming the way the world is powered. 

Switzerland-based company working in the energy management sector, Nispera, was founded by Antonio Notaristefano, Ernesto Pizza, Gianmarco Pizza, and Jaakko Manninen in 2015. The organization specializes in providing an artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered SaaS platform that allows customers to monitor, analyze, forecast, and optimize the performance and value of renewable energy assets. 

“As we build a comprehensive digital product suite for customers to better understand, control, dispatch, optimize, and maintain their renewable energy and storage assets, Nispera’s use of machine learning and AI will be highly complementary to the advanced applications already being developed at Fluence,” said Chief Digital Officer of Fluence, Seyed Madaeni. 

He further mentioned that Nispera’s innovative technology would also benefit the Fluence ecosystem of energy storage products, services, and digital applications.

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