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Midjourney AI generator predicts how the ‘last selfie ever taken’ will look like

Midjourney AI predicts what the ‘last selfie ever taken’ will look like. The backdrop is a barren landscape with dark smoke and untamed fire in the background. The last selfie is hollow eyes and puckered skin. 

Midjourney AI generator allows users to imagine alternative timelines, possible futures, and lofi thumbnails through a Discord bot which is free for a limited time. The last selfie images from Midjourney AI were posted by zx_JB user on #show-and-tell room, Midjouney’s Discord channel. 

A TikTok video of the last selfie was posted to an account called — @robotoverloards, with the bio touting “daily disturbing AI-generated images” as its mission. 

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Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse Part: 3 #apocalypse#scary#horror#foryoupage #fyp #ai#midjourney #dalle2

♬ It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

One image had flashes of light behind the selfie taker, while another showed Earth levitating in the sky, suggesting that humanity has moved to a moon or a different planet. A striking aspect can be seen in the characters, some of which appear looked like aliens or zombies. Another frightening image had a figure in a black plague-type outfit with various other similar haunting figures standing behind them.

This AI-generated futuristic possibility of the end of humankind took social media by storm and resulted in various memes being generated with these wild results. 

Although, the creepy predictions and ghoulish grim reapers are not all that Midjourney can do. Some users have tried a more lighthearted perspective and positive images like AI-generated cute pets. 

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