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AI Art Software Dall-E Moves Past Novelty Stage, Turns Pro

According to a recent announcement, the autonomous drawing tool is expanding into something more practical.

Dall-E, a multimodal generative neural model, has moved past its novelty stage. In a recent announcement, Dall-E turned pro and marked a new stage of its life cycle. Although the tool is still in the testing phase, it matures and becomes practical with every other update.

Dell-E was created by OpenAI in January 2021, with the 12-billion GPT-3 parameter version for training the input images. The open and free tool uses standard casual masks for text prompts and sparse attention as rows/columns or convolutional attention patterns.

Almost a year later, in April 2022, the company unveiled Dall-E 2, an upgraded version of its text-to-speech generator with higher resolution and lower latency. This version was only accessible for testing by verified partners constrained in what they may submit or make with it.

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In July, OpenAI began giving free access to about 1m users on the waiting list. In the latest updates, the tool will now cost US$15 for 115 credits, where each text prompt is worth 1 credit. Users also receive a few free credits to begin with, and a smaller number of freebies each month. 

Dall-E is still in the novelty stage, as evidenced by a recent tweet from ketchup manufacturer Kraft Heinz Co. The tweet included a brief video that demonstrated what happened when Dall-E was given the uncomplicated command “ketchup.” The outcome was a sauce bottle that closely resembled Heinz’s goods.

It may not be artistic to pay AI to sketch a ketchup bottle. Digital illustrators like Krista Webster are concerned that enterprises who contract artists will likely accept the less expensive, computer-generated versions.

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