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Microsoft open-sourced FarmVibes.AI, the newly released AI algorithms for optimizing farm operations

Microsoft Corporation has open-sourced FarmVibes.AI, its newly released toolkit of AI algorithms for optimizing farm operations. FarmVibes.AI is one of the many technologies Microsoft has created as part of Project FarmVibes. The program aims to enable more effective farming through software and connected devices like sensors. Microsoft also intends to open-source all the technologies it created for Project FarmVibes.

FarmVibes.AI toolkit includes four AI algorithms. Async Fusion, the first algorithm, can combine farm sensor data with satellite and drone pictures. The technique makes it easier to create farm maps that may be used to determine the best method for accomplishing agricultural operations.

Farm maps employ satellite data, which can be processed more easily with the help of the second algorithm called SpaceEye. When clouds are over a farm, getting the most recent satellite imagery is usually challenging. By using readings from satellite-based radar equipment, which can operate even in cloud cover, Microsoft’s SpaceEye algorithm substitutes the imagery.

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Farm operators can predict temperature and wind speed using the third algorithm called DeepMC. DeepMC uses forecasts from weather stations and information from online-connected agricultural sensors to identify the most suitable time for farm operations. 

The fourth algorithm that comes with FarmVibes.AI aids farmers in their efforts to promote sustainability. Microsoft claims that it can calculate the impact of various agricultural methods on the volume of carbon stored in a farm’s soil. The tool is also useful for other jobs, such as finding strategies to increase crop yields.

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