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Accenture and Mars, a global confectionery leader, to develop “Factory of the Future” using AI

Accenture, a strategy and consulting firm, and Mars, a global confectionery leader, to develop a “Factory of the Future” using AI. Since late 2020, Accenture and Mars have been testing digital twins, virtual representations of devices, goods, or procedures, for Mars’ manufacturing operations. With access to real-time data, they can anticipate and improve equipment performance, including dependability, quality, and energy efficiency.

Without investing additional time and resources in actual space, Mars can simulate and test the outcomes of product and manufacturing improvements using the digital twins. The companies have tested a prototype to lessen the instances of package overfilling, a common challenge faced by food-related industries. 

Mars could observe production lines at one of its factories in Illinois from above, owing to the digital twin. The twin provided a predictive analytics model with sensor data from manufacturing equipment, enabling factory line operators to monitor real-time events and modify the filling process.

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Accenture and Mars will develop a new cloud platform for manufacturing apps, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) over the next two years to set the groundwork for their vision of the “Factory of the Future.” Accenture contributes to the project through its cloud, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain expertise.

The new platform will offer cutting-edge robotics, AI, and automation capabilities at the edge to significantly increase the efficiency of Mars’ manufacturing operations and address crucial sustainability goals like overall greenhouse gas emissions and water waste reductions. 

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