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Microsoft Defender Is Getting an AI Upgrade

The AI-fuelled version of Microsoft Defender comes up after the company’s recent acquisition of RiskIQ, an AI security enterprise.

Microsoft added two new features to its Microsoft Defender security suite, Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, and Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management. The new AI-driven upgrade is based on the company’s acquisition of RiskIQ. Microsoft is adding a few of RiskIQ’s core features to its platform.

Microsoft Defender is an anti-malware component that comes with Windows PCs. With the new Threat Intelligence feature, Microsoft will utilize RiskIQ’s tech for scanning the internet and providing data to Defender’s real-time surveillance. Furthermore, RiskIQ’s data will enrich Defender’s existing dataset and provide security teams with a view of the entire attack chain. 

A Microsoft executive, Vasu Jakkal, said, “Our mission is to build a safer world for all — and threat intelligence is [at] the heart of it.” Combining the services, users also get a library of raw threat intelligence and analysis from experts. 

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Meanwhile, the External Attack Surface Management feature will aid the security teams in understanding how an attacker views the network. It provides a way to identify all potential resources of attackers and find the unmanaged ones. Most companies that begin using a service like this are shocked by the number of internet-facing unmanaged assets they discover.

Jakkal added, “With these new tools, Microsoft is giving security teams more data to work with to protect their networks and other assets.”

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