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Microsoft Acquires Process Autonomation company Minit

The acquisition will further empower Microsoft to help its customers digitally transform.

Global technology giant Microsoft announces that it has acquired process automation company Minit in a recent deal. However, no information was provided by either of the companies regarding the valuation of this acquisition deal. 

According to Microsoft, the new acquisition will allow it to further its digital transformation strategies with automated insights from operational data and increase mining capabilities. 

Efficient operations and ensuring that every component of any business process operates seamlessly are vital, yet most executives are unable to comprehend the true performance of their processes and must rely on subjective information to make choices. 

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Minit’s prime motive is to solve the mentioned challenge by transforming the way companies analyze, monitor, and optimize their processes. 

Microsoft mentioned, “This acquisition will further empower Microsoft to help our customers digitally transform and drive operational excellence by creating a complete picture of their business processes, enabling every process to be easily and automatically analyzed and improved.” 

The blog further added that customers would be able to gain a deeper understanding of their process data, discover how operations work, and drive process standardization and improvement throughout the whole business to ensure compliance at every stage. 

Slovakia-based mining technology providing company Minit was founded by Rasto Hlavac in 2014. The firm specializes in providing solutions that lead businesses to transform the way they analyze, monitor, and optimize their processes, helping them uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency. 

Minit’s highly competent solution offers multiple features, including AI-powered Root-Cause Analysis, Process Simulation, Hierarchical Process Mining, Business Rules, Custom Metrics, Rework Detector, Process Compare, etc. To date, the company has raised €10.3 million from multiple investors such as Salesforce Ventures, Target Global, Earlybird Venture Capital, and others over two funding rounds. 

CEO of Minit, James Dening, said, “We are looking forward to what it means to become part of an industry leader like Microsoft and what that brings us – how we can use that scale and excellence to continue to deliver great solutions to our customers.” 

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