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MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-Native AI at CES 2022

MicroAI has collaborated with iBasis to showcase the working of their newly developed quick start deployment tool ‘Launchpad’.

Edge native artificial intelligence and machine learning product developing company MicroAI to demonstrate its new platform named Launchpad during the CES 2022 event to be held in Las Vegas from 5th to 7th January. 

The CES event invites multiple technology companies from around the world to let them showcase their products to a large global audience. The Launchpad is a new product developed by MicroAI that is a quick start deployment tool for seamlessly managing MicroAI software running on embedded devices. 

Additionally, the company will also demonstrate how manufacturers can use their platform to achieve the best possible results in a separate event. MicroAI has collaborated with renowned communication service provider iBasis to showcase its product at the CES 2022 event. 

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The company will utilize iBasis’ communication technology to demonstrate the working of Launchpad and how it can be used to easily manage MicroAI applications on various devices. 

CEO of MicroAI, Yasser Khan, said, “Edge-native AI enables embedded AI software to run on microcontrollers and microprocessors in endpoint devices, transforming how AI can be made available right where data is captured.” 

He further added that their newly developed Launchpad would help companies operating in numerous industries to effectively manage data. Apart from managing MicroAI software, users can also use Launchpad to analyze data from multiple sensors, such as information from temperature sensors, and display them on one screen for better scrutiny. 

Dallas-based edge AI enablement firm MicroAI specializes in developing intelligence asset management solutions for multiple industries, including semiconductor, automobile, telecom, manufacturing, and many more. 

The company has multiple offshore offices in countries such as India and Japan. MicroAI is also acclaimed for providing endpoint artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for asset optimization, predictive maintenance, and cyber security.

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