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HFCL collaborates with Aprecomm to power Network offerings with AI

HFCL will integrate its network offering with Aprecomm’s VWE artificial intelligence engine to achieve real-time monitoring capabilities of wireless networks.

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL) collaborates with leading artificial intelligence-powered WiFi technology provider Aprecomm to integrate its network offerings with artificial intelligence capabilities. 

HFCL had earlier deployed AI-powered technologies in its PM-WAN solution and aimed to expand the adoption of artificial intelligence in its other network offerings for enhancing its capabilities further. 

The integration will enable HFCL to add analytics features to its services to help both network providers and consumers to avail better services. The company currently has ten products in its portfolio which will get integrated with AI solutions. 

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Managing director of HFCL, Mahendra Nahata, said, “I am elated with the partnership with Aprecomm. Integration of Aprecomm’s AI-powered solutions to our platform enables HFCL to offer enhanced user experience with added reliability and security to our customers.” 

He further added that this new partnership with Aprecomm will aid them in building resilient networks for consumers across the world, and they also plan to expand this integration to other various products in the future. The integrated technology will allow HFCL to monitor and analyze wireless network performance in real-time to help consumers get the best services from their end. 

The company will use Aprecomm’s VWE AI engineer to achieve real-time monitoring of wireless networks. Network providers will revise a well-optimized dashboard capable of performing multiple complicated tasks, including event analysis, deployment assistance, user index measurements, correlated user experience measurements, and provide impactful insights into performance. 

Bengaluru-based AI-enabled WiFi technology provider Aprecomm was founded by Guharajan Sivakumar and Pramod Babu Gummaraj in 2016. The firm specializes in integrating wireless access points with artificial intelligence algorithms to provide a better user experience. 

Co-founder and CEO of Aprecomm, Pramod Gummaraj, said, “Having reliable Internet connectivity has become extremely essential in today’s world. Programs like PM-WANI are driving us closer to this dream. Network Intelligence and Self-Management will play vital roles with this Increased Connectivity.”

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