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Meta announces plans to restructure its Artificial Intelligence R&D

Meta announced a new decentralized organizational structure for Meta AI to serve the company's goal of advancing AI.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announces its plans to restructure its artificial intelligence research and development (R&D). 

Meta’s AI Platform, AI for Product, and, more recently, AI4AR teams have developed cutting-edge techniques to leverage AI to improve our products, better protect the people who use them and build innovative new applications, drawing inspiration from their colleagues at FAIR and counterparts across the industry. 

Therefore this new development is a step for the company to further expand its AI research and development tasks. 

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Chief AI Scientist at Meta, Yann LeCun, mentioned the significant changes in the organization in a Twitter thread. 

Meta announced a new decentralized organizational structure for Meta AI to serve the company’s goal of advancing AI. Meta’s AI teams have incubated several innovative projects, such as Responsible AI, and have established Meta as a leader in the artificial intelligence industry worldwide. 

“Jerome Pesenti has been our fearless leader in this work, but over the last several months, he has put in place a plan to change the status quo. Jerome identified that while the centralized nature of the organization gave us leverage in some areas, it also made it a challenge to integrate as deeply as we would hope,” mentioned Andrew Bosworth, Chief Technology Officer at Meta. 

He announced the following changes in the organization – 

  • The Responsible AI organization will become a member of the Social Impact team.
  • The AI4AR team will join Meta’s XR team in Reality Labs.
  • Meta’s product engineering team will take over the AI for Product teams that seek to secure individuals who use the company’s platforms. 
  • FAIR, Meta’s AI research team, will become a new pillar of Reality Labs Research.

According to Meta, FAIR’s leadership will remain with Joelle Pineau, Antoine Bordes, and Yann LeCun. Additionally, Meta will also form a new cross-functional AI leadership team, which will be managed by Joelle. 

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