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Max Healthcare Launched AI Enabled Remote Patient Monitoring Network

Max Healthcare has launched an artificial intelligence-powered remote patient monitoring network in association with MyHealthcare. The device-integrated patient monitoring framework will help patients across India connect to the Max Healthcare doctors from the comfort of their homes. 

Patients can monitor their vitals with clinical devices connected to the Max MyHealth app. The app monitors these readings and forwards them to the electronic medical records (EMR) for the doctor’s review. It can monitor Spo2 levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, and heart rate. 

All these vitals are tracked via artificial intelligence tools that aid with ECG interpretation and send alerts to the doctors in the nearest healthcare center if the parameters range outside permissible limits. The launch of the app during the second wave of Covid-19 will help with the crowding of hospitals, reducing the spread of the virus by eliminating trips to the hospitals.

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“At Max Healthcare, our constant endeavor has been to use the advancements in digital technology to provide best in class medical support to our patients. Our focus is to expand the geography of care for the Max Healthcare group,” said Prashant Singh, Director IT and Group CIO, Max Healthcare.

He also mentioned that the launch of the remote patient monitoring platform is an initiative to help and enhance the healthcare services to patients at their homes. The service will help extend post-hospitalization services to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, making quality healthcare accessible for a wider population.

In the press meet, Max Healthcare announced that patients would get access to various complex care programs involving daily/regular inspection such as cardiac care, diabetes, and hypertension management and monthly/bi-weekly virtual consultations with Max Hospital doctors.

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