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Cleerly Raised $43 Million To Improve Treatment Of Heart Diseases

Cleerly, a New York-based health tech startup, raised $43 million in its second funding round. The company also showcased its unique digital care pathway solution to prevent heart attacks. Vensana Capital led the funding along with New Leaf Venture Partners, the American College of Cardiology, LRVHealth, Cigna Ventures, and existing investors.

Cardiac disease is a major problem that accounts for one in every four deaths in the world. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, in the United States, one person dies every 36 seconds. Cleerly was founded by James K. Min. in 2016 to bring innovations in the healthcare industry to tackle this issue by developing proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify the risk of heart attacks in individuals. 

The research was conducted at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, in its cardiovascular imaging department, which includes a massive clinical trial on more than 50,000 heart patients. The study was conducted to determine how imaging can be used to analyze heart diseases and predict patient outcomes. 

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Founder and CEO of Cleerly, James Min, said, “Advanced imaging has always been key to diagnosing and preventing the most common causes of cancer for years, but we’re not utilizing it yet to prevent the most common cause of death.” He further added that the company is now using artificial intelligence, which is continuously refined with huge volumes of clinical data to diagnose and prevent cardiac diseases in individuals. 

Justin Klein, Managing Director of Vensana Capital, said, “We see Cleerly as the future of how coronary disease will be evaluated, and we support the company’s mission to tailor a personalized approach to diagnosis and treatment.”

The enterprise’s expertise in the understanding of coronary diseases is revolutionizing the healthcare sector by introducing a multi-dimensional approach to cater to the needs of doctors as well as patients. Cleerly aims to use the newly raised funds to expand its operational capabilities and continue investing in industry-leading research and development.

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