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LG partners with IBM Quantum Network to explore applications of Quantum Computing

LG Electronics will use IBM’s expertise, hardware, and software to increase its competency in quantum computing.

IBM recently announced that LG Electronics has partnered with IBM Quantum Network. The partnership aims to boost the research and implementation of advanced quantum computing solutions across various industries. 

This new partnership will now provide LG access to IBM’s expertise in quantum computing, IBM’s quantum computing systems, and IBM’s open-source quantum information software development kit named Qiskit. Unlike classical computing, which calculates in bits, quantum computing is an advanced technology that uses qubits for calculation. This allows quantum computers to solve problems that traditional computers cannot handle. 

LG will now be able to provide top-notch training to its team in quantum computing for developing solutions to support artificial intelligence, big data, smart cars, IoT, robotics applications, and many more. 

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Vice President of Quantum Computing at IBM, Jay Gambetta, said, “The relationship between IBM and LG Electronics will permit LG to explore new types of problems associated with emerging technologies and will help strengthen the quantum capabilities in Korea.” 

He further added that they are delighted to welcome LG Electronics to a rapidly growing quantum computing ecosystem in the country. The partnership will allow LG Electronics to leverage IBM’s quantum computing software, hardware, and applications in accordance with IBM’s quantum roadmap. 

Last year, IBM showcased its new ‘Eagle’ quantum computing processor with 127 qubits, making it one of the best quantum computing processors in the world during IBM Quantum Summit. 

“We aim to provide customers with value that they have not experienced so far by leveraging quantum computing technology in future businesses,” said CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Electronics, Byoung-Hoon Kim. He also mentioned that LG would use IBM Quantum to develop competency in quantum computing based on their open innovation strategy. 

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