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Daily AI acquires Whiteboard CRM to increase its Capabilities

The integration of Daily AI’s and Whiteboard CRM’s platforms will help Daily AI considerably enhance its capabilities in various fields like sales and marketing.

Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions developing firm for mortgage lenders, Daily AI, acquires customer relationship management platform for mortgage professionals Whiteboard CRM. The acquisition will help Daily AI increase its capabilities in various critical business operations, including sales and marketing processes. 

Whiteboard CRM offers a robust platform for mortgage professionals that allows them to effectively manage leads, client relationships, team production, revenue generation, and many other tasks involved in the domain. 

With the integration of the two platforms, Daily AI will provide unmatched performance and user experience to its customers. Additionally, the acquisition of Whiteboard CRM will help Daily AI increase its global market share and provide better service to customers with its automation suite. 

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Strategic partner at Whiteboard CRM, Kevin Ducey, said, “The Daily AI product represents a turning point for our industry regarding the capabilities it offers to originators and enterprises. We’re excited to start operating as a combined company and provide this value to Whiteboard customers.” He further added that Whiteboard CRM had developed a strong customer relationship with its clients in the mortgage industry since 2018. 

United States-based artificial intelligence solutions developer Daily AI was founded by Spencer Dusebout and Brannon Lee in 2019. Since its launch, Daily AI has grown exponentially and last year marked a record growth of 1000% in the total number of users globally. 

The acquisition of Whiteboard CRM is the company’s first successful acquisition that would undoubtedly help Daily AI further accelerate its growth and pool in new customers using Whiteboard CRM’s client base. Interested individuals can register for a personalized demo session of Daily AI from its official website. 

“With the combined power of our sales, development, product, marketing, and customer success teams, we believe we will be an unstoppable force in the mortgage lending industry to create automation and AI-driven products and services of significant value to our customers,” said co-founder and CEO of Daily AI Spencer Dusebout. He also mentioned that the entire team of Daily AI is looking forward to partnering with Whiteboard CRM.

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