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Landing AI Adds New Edge Capabilities to LandingLens

LandingLens has also been improved to allow for up to seven times quicker deep learning model training than previously.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning startup Landing AI adds new edge capabilities to its LandingLens with the launch of its new LandingEdge. 

Manufacturers will be able to deploy deep learning visual inspection solutions to edge devices on the manufacturing floor, allowing them to detect product flaws more accurately and consistently using LandingEdge. 

The company’s flagship product, the LandingLens platform, includes a variety of capabilities to assist teams in developing and deploying reliable and repeatable inspection systems for various jobs in a production setting. 

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LandingLens users will now be able to more easily integrate with industrial infrastructure to interact with cameras, apply models to pictures, and create predictions to support real-time decision-making on the manufacturing floor, thanks to the enhanced edge capabilities. 

Vice President of Outreach Technology and Vision Technology at Landing AI, David L. Dechow, said, “These products mark huge steps in bringing deep learning solutions to the factory floor that are easily integrated to perform an automated inspection for a broad range of applications.” 

He further added that they give manufacturers and systems integrators more powerful tools to swiftly adopt inspection solutions that cut costs, boost productivity, and improve consumer product satisfaction. 

Moreover, LandingLens has also been enhanced to allow for up to seven times quicker deep learning model training than previously. 

Recently, Landing AI also joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Partner program to accelerate AI performance and edge deployment. This will help the company improve its quality control in manufacturing and industrial applications. 

United States-based technology startup Landing AI was founded by a former Chief Scientist at Baidu and founding lead of the Google Brain team, Andrew Ng, in 2017. To date, the startup has raised $57 million from several investors like McRock Capital, Intel Capital, Insight Partners, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and others over two funding rounds. 

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