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Landing AI joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program

This will help the Landing AI in improving its quality control in manufacturing and industrial applications.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning startup Landing AI joins the NVIDIA Metropolis Partner program to accelerate AI performance and edge deployment. 

This new development will help the company improve its quality control in manufacturing and industrial applications. 

NVIDIA Metropolis is an initiative that aims to develop and commercialize a new generation of applications and solutions that use AI vision to make operations safer and more efficient across multiple industries. 

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According to NVIDIA, its Metropolis application framework makes it easier for developers to combine standard video cameras and sensors with artificial intelligence-powered video analytics to provide operational efficiency and safety applications in sectors such as retail analytics, city traffic management, airport operations, and automated factory inspections. 

Senior Director of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships at Landing AI, Carl Lewis, said, “Having successfully deployed the NVIDIA Jetson platform at customer sites, we are thrilled to be part of NVIDIA Metropolis.” 

He further added that they are looking forward to working closely with NVIDIA and their system integration partners as LandingLens becomes the choice for manufacturers looking to optimize efficiency. 

United States-based technology startup Landing AI was founded by a former Chief Scientist at Baidu and founding lead of the Google Brain team, Andrew Ng, in 2017. Recently, Andrew Ng also announced the launch of his new course in machine learning, which Stanford and jointly developed. 

Landing AI is best known for its core product called LandindLens. It is an end-to-end AI platform specifically designed for industrial customers to build, deploy and scale AI-powered visual inspection solutions. To date, the startup has raised %57 million from several investors like McRock Capital, Intel Capital, Insight Partners, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and others over two funding rounds. 

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