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Kroger partners with NVIDIA to improve Grocery Stores using AI

The newly announced artificial intelligence lab will be built in Kroger’s Cincinnati-based headquarters office located in the United States.

Retail grocery company Kroger partners with technology giant NVIDIA to improve its grocery stores using NVIDIA’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

Through digital twin simulations, Kroger and NVIDIA will establish a next-gen artificial intelligence lab and demonstration center to enhance Kroger’s freshness programs, improve shipping operations, and offer a better shopping experience in stores. 

The companies said that the newly announced artificial intelligence lab would be built in Kroger’s Cincinnati-based headquarters office located in the United States. 

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According to the plan, the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite will be used for retail, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise will be deployed to develop digital twin simulations, and NVIDIA cuOpt to investigate logistical efficiencies. 

Vice President and General Manager of Retail at NVIDIA, Azita Martin, said, “NVIDIA and Kroger’s collaboration on AI and digital twins will further expand Kroger’s digital technology leadership.” 

She further added that Kroger already provides exceptional customer service in its stores and quick home delivery. Now, with the help of NVIDIA AI, shoppers will get more personalized experiences in real locations. 

NVIDIA said that the initial installation would use nine NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, NVIDIA InfiniBand networking, and NVIDIA RTX workstations to acquire relevant data from 2,800 store locations across the United States. 

The collaboration will allow the companies to find out how NVIDIA’s technology can perform the following tasks- 

  • Detect early signs of deteriorating freshness using computer vision and analytics. 
  • Use dynamic routing for last-mile delivery to assure freshness of delivered products. 
  • Optimize store efficiency and processes with digital twin store simulation.

Vice President of Technology Transformation and Research & Development at Kroger, Wesley Rhodes, said, “Our collaboration with NVIDIA supports Kroger’s ‘Fresh for Everyone’ commitment.” He also mentioned that they are excited to learn more about how AI and data analytics can help them give anything, anytime, anywhere to their customers.

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