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KFC India Debuts its Signature Bucket as NFT on OpenSea

By participating in the online contest, you can win the NFT and get free KFC for a year!

Recently, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) India has created something truly innovative in the NFT domain. On Thursday, the iconic red and white striped bucket from KFC India debuted as an NFT in the digital realm. The “KFC BuckETH,” as KFC calls it, is a unique single collectible that will be hosted on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. It was minted on the Ethereum blockchain in collaboration with Blink Digital. The NFT was announced during an Instagram Live hosted by comedian, author, and actor Danish Sait and influencer Sharan Hegde.

In order to commemorate the brand’s achievement of expanding to 600 restaurants across 150 Indian locations, emerging artists from all over India collaborated to design the artwork for this NFT. As a digital collectible, the KFC BuckETH showcases a combination of their distinctive styles. The artwork is considered an “ode to the unique melting pot culture that is India.” 

A KFC spokeswoman provided further information regarding the KFC BuckETH, stating, “The Bucket is as iconic to KFC as the signature taste of our chicken. The Bucket is testimony to the brand’s heritage and has been an integral part of many celebratory moments for our customers.” With its first NFT, KFC BuckETH, which was chosen from a variety of vivid designs created by up-and-coming artists, the company is thrilled to take the Bucket in a new direction in the modern digital world. The KFC BuckETH offers customers a chance to interact with the company in a completely unique manner.

KFC India released a photo of its newly made NFT on Twitter and Instagram, calling it the “crunchiest bucket on the block (chain).” The KFC BuckETH will be given away as a prize in a social media contest along with a year’s supply of KFC!

To enter the contest for the NFT, you should visit KFC India’s official Instagram account @kfcindia_official and screenshot the “Ultimate Chicken Lover Checklist,” which will be displayed on the account’s Stories. After that, you must add GIFs, photos, or text to the checklist and share it to your Instagram story while tagging KFC. The restaurant chain will choose one winner, and they will get a year’s worth of KFC as well as the KFC BuckETH NFT.

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KFC is not the first food chain to venture into the world of NFTs. Taco Bell was the first fast food company to introduce an NFT collection in March last year. On the NFTMarketplace Rarible, the company displayed five variations of the “NFTacoBells,” and all of them quickly sold out.

KFC Malaysia had introduced an NFT collection in May that featured illustrations of iconic KFC experiences. Three Malaysian artists created a total of 11 NFTs, which are obviously a tribute to the branch’s 11 top-secret herbs and spices.

The collection includes three Generations artwork by Arif Rafhan, four Together Editions artwork by Wilson Ng, and four Moving Fried Chicken artwork by Book of Lai.

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