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Jio Platforms collaborates with Subex for ‘HyperSense AI’

The collaboration will combine Jio’s 5G core and Subex’s HyperSense to enable network automation.

Jio Platforms Ltd (JPL), an Indian technology Company, announced its collaboration with Subex, a telecom analytics, and AI-based digital service provider, over the latter’s AI Orchestration Platform, Hypersense. JPL will provide its Cloud Native 5G core with Subex’s HyperSense to enable telcos to automate closed-loop networks and enhance customer experience. 

HyperSense is a unified data analytics and AI orchestration platform that enables telcos to provide their AI services across data value chains. The platform is equipped with machine learning technologies and helps with data preparation, model building, deployment, and insight generation. It also provides AI-powered real-time analytics for 5G systems.

Jio’s Cloud Native 5G core implements the new 3DPP network architecture to enable faster connectivity, ultra-low latency, and reliability. Aayush Bhatnagar, Senior VP of Jio Platforms, said, “JPL’s 5G stack complements the digital monetisation platforms of Subex to enable a wide range of 5G use cases.” 

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Use cases such as enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC), and ultra-reliable low latency communication (uRLLC) can be improvised with innovation. 

Suresh Chintada, CTO of Subex, said, “By combining HyperSense with Jio Platforms’ Cloud Native 5G Core, CSPs will be able to fast track their 5G journey by leveraging the power of AI.” He also added that the collaboration would enable operators to draw more revenue and customers.

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