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iMerit To Build New Data Center In India For Artificial Intelligence Training

iMerit recently announced through a tweet that it has collaborated with Deshpande Foundation to build a new data center in Hubballi, India, for artificial intelligence training. 

iMerit is a US-based data labeling firm that has now planned to launch its tenth artificial intelligence training data center in association with a non-profit organization in India. 

This move by iMerit has opened new opportunities in the southern part of India as the company aims to deploy a skilled workforce to provide world-class training in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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The tech company also intends to nurture new talents in the field of artificial intelligence and data science in underprivileged regions of the country. CEO of iMerits, Radha Ramaswami Basu, said, “We are excited to expand to Hubballi. The skills and expertise of our workforce are in high demand within Fortune 500 companies because of our ability to help them solve complex data challenges in their AI.” 

She also mentioned that they have very carefully decided to expand to Hiubbali as they think that the city is perfect for training new skilled technical talents in the country.  

iMerit expertise in providing data for natural language processing and computer vision, which companies use to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms. The company’s experience will help India’s data science industry to flourish further.  

Founder of Deshpande Foundation, Dr. Deshpande, said, “We are looking at Hubballi beyond the lens of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Hubballi was yearning for high-tech jobs for many years, and the launch of iMerit is one of the best opportunities the under-resourced community can get.” 

He also added that the partnership of the two companies is an excellent initiative as this would enable people of rural and semi-rural areas to work on data science used for artificial intelligence platforms. Both the companies plan to expand their project further in the near future.

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Dipayan Mitra
Dipayan Mitra
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