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IIT Madras to offer Free Artificial Intelligence Workshop on High Performance Computing

IIT Madras in collaboration with KLA Corporation has come up with a free workshop on AI and HPC that can be attended by individuals from any background. The online workshop will take place from 27th September to 1st October.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras announces its new free workshop on artificial intelligence, high-performance computing in semiconductors. It is a five day long workshop that can be attended by individuals from any background. 

IIT Madras has collaborated with KLA Corporation to conduct this free workshop on artificial intelligence. The workshop will commence on 27th September and will continue till 1st October 2021. 

Venerated speakers like Kris Bhaskar, Jacob George, Aravindh Balaji, Mark Ruolo, and Pradeep Ramachandran will be present in the workshop sessions. It is an online workshop, and all the necessary details will be mailed to attendees. 

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The free workshop will have one-hour sessions every day that would discuss topics like modern AI in manufacturing, challenges in adopting machine learning in manufacturing, TensorFlow – the path from model to HW, minimizing copy overhead while sharing GPUs in a single box, and artificial intelligence inference on CPUs. 

Interested candidates need to fill up a Google Form in order to get themselves registered for the free workshop. 

The core members of the organizing committee include the coordinator of NSM Nodal Center of Training in HPC and AI, Rupesh Nasre, and the director and head of research at KLA Advanced Computing Labs, Pradeep Ramachandran.

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