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IIT Madras launches Master’s Program in Electric Vehicles

Students currently studying in the third year of B.Tech courses can start applying for the dual degree program of IIT Madras from January 2022.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras launches its new Master’s program in Electric Vehicles. It is an Interdisciplinary Dual Degree (IDDD) program that would help students gain required knowledge and experience in the electric vehicle segment, allowing them to enhance their research capabilities in the particular field. 

The newly launched program will have a curriculum meticulously designed to let students learn the necessary skills that the market is currently demanding to kick start their careers in various fields related to electric vehicles, including EV Integration, Vehicle Aggregate Engineering, Communication and Calibration, Verification, and Validation, Product Planning, and many more. 

Department of Engineering Design’s head at IIT Madras, Prof. T. Asokan, said, “The course will be the result of nearly eight departments collaborating to induct the skills required for a student to engineer Electric Vehicles. The content offered is carefully curated to build sufficient depth in each domain, starting from Vehicle Basics and going to very specific EV aggregates including Batteries and Motors.”

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 He further added that the new program would be delivered as a joint effort from various departments of the institution and the plan to launch more programs in the future related to the eMobility industry. 

The initial intake will accept 24 students in the Master’s program in electric vehicles. Students studying in the third year of B.Tech programs can start applying for the Master’s program from January 2022.
A few months earlier, IIT madras also partnered with Monolith to offer a new advanced diploma program in virtual reality. The diploma course will be available in both online and offline mediums for students.

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