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Intel Unnati Lab to come up at CIIC for AI Training

Under the newly signed MoU, an Intel Unnati data centric laboratory will be built in the campus of CIIT. The lab will also help tech startups to test and build solutions for real-world challenges.

Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council and BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology have signed a memorandum of understanding with chip manufacturing giant Intel under the Intel Unnati program. 

Dr. N. Raja Hussain and M Parvez Alam represented CIIC and BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology during the signing of the MoU with Intel Technology India Private Limited. Last year, Intel launched its Unnati program to set up 100 data-centric laboratories across the nation to improve research infrastructure and technology excellence among students. 

Intel realized the increased demand for specialized workers in artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing, IoT, and many other related industries and launched this program to meet the current market demand. It will hugely benefit students and faculty to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the artificial intelligence domain.

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This new contact will help increase the deployment of AI, ML, IoT, and Smart Mobility to students and startups. A new state-of-the-art Unnati lab will also be built in the CIIT campus under the newly signed MoU. According to Intel officials, the company is excited about this new contract as they hope to fill the gap between the market demand for skilled professionals and the number of produced trained workers in the country.

The MoU will also help build better infrastructure in the country for high-end research in artificial intelligence. Intel officials mentioned that the center would allow strips to test their technologies and develop solutions for real-world challenges.

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