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Deloitte launched AI institute in India to Accelerate the pace of Innovative Research

The AI institute will help build a local AI ecosystem by integrating research and innovations for applications of AI solutions.

Deloitte launches a new AI institute in India to accelerate the pace of innovative research in the region. The launch makes India the fourth location in the Asia Pacific region to have a Deloitte AI institute. According to the company, India is one of the major artificial intelligence technologies developers in several industries, and various companies have availed the benefits of the early adoption of AI solutions. 

The launch also marks Deloitte’s statement, “AI will be a part of everything we do as an organisation.” The newly established AI institute is located in the capital of India, New Delhi, and it is the eighth such institute that Deloitte has launched across the globe since last year. 

President, Consulting at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, Romal Shetty, said, “AI is here and for India, it is an opportunity to leapfrog in a world where we connect the power of human intelligence with machine intelligence. We call it the Age of With™. There are inherent strengths that India can leverage.” 

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He also mentioned that the AI institute would help Indian companies and startups operating in multiple industries quickly adopt artificial intelligence solutions for digital transformation. The AI institute will integrate research and innovations for applications to establish a local artificial intelligence ecosystem in the country. Similar AI institutes have already been established in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, and many more. 
“We will have exclusive partnerships with some of the brightest minds in the AI ecosystem. A dedicated AI team at Deloitte, along with domain and industry experts, will drive stronger outcomes,” said Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, Saurabh Kumar. He further added that they intend to bring their own business lens to help recognize bias and risks involved with various artificial intelligence technologies.

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