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IIM Bangalore launches new Artificial Intelligence for Managers Program

The registration process has already begun and will end on 31st March 2022.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore announces the launch of its new certification program named Artificial Intelligence for Managers. Any graduate or experienced individual can readily apply for this course. 

IIM Bangalore has meticulously designed the course curriculum to impart critical skills to learners, which would enable them to make better decisions using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

IIM Bangalore has priced the AI for Managers program at Rs 150,000 exclusive of tax. The program is of 15 months and contains ten new online, modular courses that are stacked together in a learning curve in the order they are completed. 

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Each course takes between 2 and 9 weeks, with enough time between modules for students to fully absorb the material. IIM Bangalore has included various modules related to data visualization, Data Preparation and Preprocessing, Foundations of Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning with Business Applications, ML using Python, and several others in the curriculum of its newly launched AI for Managers certification program. 

IIM Bangalore mentioned, “Use of AI and its components such as statistical learning, machine learning, and deep learning are expected to increase the stakeholder value and customer experience and be the main enabler for wealth creation.” 

According to the institute, the new program provides numerous advantages to learners as it includes State-of-the-art pedagogical tools, education from India’s best management school, Peer2Peer learning through forums, project presentations, and more. After completing the course, learners will receive a certificate of completion from IIM Bangalore and edX. 
Learners will have access to an active community forum where they can resolve their queries. The registration process has already begun and will end on 31t March 2022. Interested candidates can apply for this AI for Managers course from the official website of IIM Bangalore.

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