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HPE Announces Accessible Supercomputing for Enterprises with its Cray Supercomputers

HPE, or Hewlett Packard Enterprise, announces two versions of its Cray supercomputers to make supercomputing accessible and more affordable for enterprises. The expanded Cray portfolio will include the new HPE Cray EX and HPE Cray XD supercomputers and deliver end-to-end compute technologies built on purpose.

The HPE Cray EX2500 supercomputers share their architecture with the Cray EX4000, the fastest exascale-class system in the world. The plus point is that EX2500 is roughly 24% smaller than its predecessor, making it easier to fit in an enterprise data center. Additionally, it also features 100% direct-liquid cooling for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The HPE Cray XD2000 and XD6500 supercomputers offer use-case-specific servers made to integrate HPE and the Cray portfolio for advanced workloads and AI modeling. The resulting supercomputers are compatible with traditional data centers with standard CPUs, accelerators, interconnect, storage, and cooling options. 

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Both types can support the latest GPUs and CPUs. HPE Cray EX2500 will support the 4th-generation AMD EPYC processors and the 4th-generation Xeon Scalable processors. Whereas the XD6500 will support 4th-generation Xeon Scalable processors and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

HPE aims to help enterprises harness meaningful insights, solve complex problems, and innovate faster with its energy-efficient supercomputers. These supercomputers will provide artificial intelligence at scale for data-centric workloads, speed up machine learning jobs, and smoothen product delivery to the market.

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