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HPE Acquired Artificial Intelligence Startup Determined AI

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced it has acquired an artificial intelligence startup Determined AI. The company said that the reason for this acquisition is to train artificial intelligence models faster utilizing Determined AI’s open-source machine learning (ML) platform. 

The company plans to combine the startup’s artificial intelligence platform with its own high-performance computing platform to reduce the production time of artificial intelligence-powered products for better and quicker customer service. 

Determined AI was founded in 2017 by Evan Sparks, Neil Conway, and Ameet Talwalkar in San Francisco. The company quickly became popular in the industry after the launch of its open-source artificial intelligence platform in 2020. Their platform has been used in several different industries like autonomous vehicles, defense contracting, biopharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. 

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Senior Vice President of HPE, Justin Hotard, said, “Determined AI’s unique open-source platform allows ML engineers to build models faster and deliver business value sooner without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.” He further mentioned that as the world enters the age of insights, the customers have highlighted the requirement of machine learning to provide faster answers from their data. 

The company’s primary motive is to leverage artificial intelligence training to launch projects which require specialized computing skills. HPE and Determined AI’s team plans to make high performance computing more accessible with its GreenLake edge to cloud service. 

Determined AI’s unique artificial intelligence platform enables researchers to innovate and boost their delivery time by eliminating the complexity and cost related issues with machine learning development. 

Determined AI’s CEO, Evan Sparks, said, “Over the last several years, building AI applications have become extremely compute, data, and communication intensive.” He also added that the acquisition would help accelerate their speed to create artificial intelligence applications and will also expand their customer reach. 

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