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Halio to unveil AI-powered Smart Glass at CES 2022.

Halio partnered with Viracon and Marvin to develop and provide the smart glass to commercial and residential housing markets.

One of the world’s leading dynamic glass developing companies Halio, is all set to unveil its new AI-powered smart glasses at CSE 2022 as a part of its commercial net-zero building component. The event is scheduled to be held on 5th January 2022 in Las Vegas, United States. 

The new AI-enabled smart glasses will be showcased in the ‘Green Avenue’ section of the event. Halio partnered with famous architectural glass fabricator Viracon to develop the smart glass. Furthermore, the company has also partnered with Marvin to provide smart glass in the residential housing market. 

The smart glass uses cloud-based artificial intelligence technology for autonomous operation. Halio has meticulously designed the smart glasses to provide the best possible experience in terms of clarity, color tint, responsiveness, and several other related factors. 

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The advanced technology used to develop the smart glass allows it to pass the maximum amount of sunlight to enter buildings that helps in saving considerable amounts of energy and reduces carbon emission by nearly 20%, making it a highly capable smart glass. 

According to the company, its new smart glass can play a vital role in controlling global warming while taking care of the wellness of individuals inside buildings by glare management. The smart glass can also be integrated with various third-party windows with a wide range of coating, making it a highly reliable and flexible glass. Its performance has also been tested, and the results show that Halio’s smart glass is extremely durable, which can hold itself even if window seals fail.

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