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AI-powered Robots are taking over recycling centers in Finland

Every year, the average European generates roughly five tonnes of waste, of which only 36% gets recycled. However, the robot makers claim that if the work of garbage sorting is delegated to machines, the above number might rise.

A new recycling facility is being installed on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland’s capital. A newly opened plant, owned by Finnish Company Remeo, can process construction waste with a volume of up to 120,000 tons, including wood, plastics, and metals. It has been entitled as one of the most advanced recycling facilities in Europe.

Approximately five tons of waste is generated by Europeans every year, but only 38 percent of it is recycled. Almost three-quarters of all EU garbage comes from construction. The limited information regarding the quality and content of the waste material makes it difficult to recycle. It is often impossible to recycle and reuse impure items as raw materials.

It is often a common practice in Europe, including Finland, to incinerate waste that can’t be recycled. Incineration plants generate power and heat but also add to the greenhouse effect.

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The CEO of Remeo, John Mild, said that the entire recycling industry had been challenged because much waste goes into incineration. He believes that AI-powered robots can be helpful in this regard.

“These robots must identify waste objects on the belt itself,” says Harri Holopainen, Chief Technology Officer of Helsinki-based ZenRobotics, a company that operates around 35 robots across 20 countries.

Recycling is becoming more of a priority for various industries. Textile recycling will be promoted in Europe under an unnamed strategy scheduled to be adopted in early 2022.

Remeo’s Mild says that they have increased recycling rates from 50 percent to 90 percent using the new technology. These newly adopted robots are making a difference in the fight against global waste.

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