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Google to Release a Product Map to find similar GCP offerings on AWS and Azure

Google just released a handy product map to showcase similar GCP offerings on AWS and Azure portfolios.

Google releases a product map that can help you identify the name of cloud services across different cloud platforms. Given the diversity of cloud vendors, the product map can come in handy in finding similar GCP offerings on AWS and Azure.

Many cloud users search for the “best” offerings from various providers to evaluate and streamline their workflow. However, often people struggle to find the exact alternative on different cloud platforms.

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Google is driven to structure the world’s knowledge and make it broadly accessible and beneficial. That’s why Google has just released a simple product map highlighting similar products from Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure.

The cloud services can be filtered by the product name or other standard features. Based on the information, one can make sense of the product and the respective vendor to select the “best.” 

The only suggestion is to delve a little deeper when anything strikes your eye. The particular reason to do this is that some of Google’s services may be listed without any counter equivalent from Azure and AWS. Some features like Anthos Clusters, Network Intelligence Center, VPC Service Controls, etc., are not mapped to any service from AWS and Azure.

This doesn’t mean that such cloud services are uniquely provided by Google but should indicate the difference between Google and AWS and Azure portfolios. Nevertheless, the product map can guide you through the offerings and differences at ease.

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