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A Novelist to Co-Write Your Next Cringe-Read with AI

K. Allado-McDowell, an LA-based novelist, co-wrote Amor Cringe in collaboration with GPT-3 AI.

Allado McDowell set out to write with AI the most cringe-worthy novel possible but instead crafted a strange and humorous book. Amor Cringe is an ode to cringe maximalism! It is fast, lively, and a little sleazy, and reading it would feel like frolicking around with glee while everyone else is not having one.

When McDowell was asked about the implication of the word Cringe, she answered (with GPT-3): Cringe is a phrase that organically came from the internet. It refers to the behavior that makes a witness squirm with posthumous embarrassment, online and in real life. My broad hypothesis of “cringe” is that it reflects our social nature as humans.

The novel results from a one-of-a-kind writing process in collaboration with GPT-3 AI! GPT-3 is a text-generating AI. Consider it like an autopilot that finishes the deal. It works on a Large Language Model, or LLM, which is vital to the future of new generation AI models trained on massive datasets.

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This isn’t Allado McDowell’s first collaboration with AI, but Amor Cringe is a significant step forward in the process. The particular reason for the same is that rather than portraying the collaboration as a duet, Allado-McDowell has blended her words with GPT-3’s writing, resulting in a distinct narrative voice.

McDowell is known to have established the Artists + Machine Intelligence program in 2016 at the Google AI event. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of AI and related areas. Before Amor Cringe, McDowell published Pharmako-AI, which depicts a conversation between the former and the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 or the GPT-3.

With more developments in line with AI-based text generation, many more novels will have an artificially intelligent co-author. You never know; someday in the future, you may end up binging on a book entirely written with the help of AI.

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