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Google Chrome to Use AI to Predict whether Users Want to Receive Notifications

Google will soon launch an ML model that allows Chrome to use AI to predict users' browsing preferences to receive notifications.

Google Chrome is working to tackle certain websites that consistently smother users by spamming them with website notifications. In the upcoming release of Chrome, Google will launch a machine learning model that ties into its far-reaching aim to use AI to achieve ambient computing and predict whether users wish to receive notifications.

This enhancement aims at making web browsing more incessant by cutting down and blocking disruptive messages. In the upcoming version, Chrome will automatically revoke the website’s permission. 

Google insists that many users blankly “Allow” the notification prompt. Within minutes, the website starts pinging their browser periodically. If a user subscribes to a website that spams, the situation gets out of control. 

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The company has already successfully mutated the notification prompts that abuse or mislead. The quieter browsing experience will apply to notifications in general. People can still alter predictions and subscribe to the notifications if they so desire.

This development in Chrome is a more robust approach to combat spam. As a Google spokesperson said, “Notification spam is one of the top complaint reports we receive from Chrome users. This feature addresses this problem by ensuring users are only receiving relevant notifications.”

Using ML, Google wants to conform to a person’s usage in more particular ways and try to act on behalf of the user to cater to the needs and interests. ML in Chrome will also enable webpages to appear more frequently in a user’s selected language. The company plans to intervene in such browsing experiences under users’ discretion.

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