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GitLab launches new Cybersecurity and AI growth features

Airbus, a GitLab customer, was able to release feature updates in just 10 minutes after adopting GitLab.

DevOps platform GitLab launches its new cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) growth features. 

GitLab 15 is the first release version (15.0), bringing forward new cutting-edge DevOps capabilities on a single platform.

GitLab 15’s complete DevOps capabilities help companies build and collaborate around business-critical code to deploy software securely and achieve targeted business goals. 

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Some of the features have been launched already, and the remaining will be available to the public soon. GitLab’s new platform release will improve the company’s offering, particularly in the field of cybersecurity. 

The official press release mentions, “We believe upcoming releases will enhance the platform’s capabilities in solution areas including visibility and observability, continuous security and compliance, agile enterprise planning, and workflow automation and support for data science workloads.” 

The release further cited that Airbus, a GitLab customer, was able to release feature updates in just 10 minutes after adopting GitLab, compared to the whole 24 hours required to set up for production and run manual testing before implementing GitLab. 

Since the launch of GitLab last year, the platform has gained tremendous popularity and currently has a huge customer base of leading companies such as NVIDIA. GitLab’s latest release provides companies with a purpose-built, unified DevOps platform that empowers teams to concentrate on achieving business transformation. 

“In today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations are under more pressure than ever to deliver software faster and more securely. They need a more mature, comprehensive platform to improve their time to market,” said David DeSanto, VP of Product at GitLab. 

He also mentioned that the One DevOps Platform from GitLab solves this issue as organizations can replace their DIY DevOps toolchains with a single application that brings teams together from planning to a product. 

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