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Fovia Ai to Showcase Artificial Intelligence Visualization Integrations

The event will display the future possibilities of AI products in radiology.

Cloud-based imaging products developing company Fovia Ai to showcase its new artificial intelligence-powered visual integrations in the Imaging Artificial Intelligence in Practice (I.A.I.P.). The event is scheduled to commence from 28th November 2021 at the 107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America. 

Fovia Ai plans to integrate its technology with other vendors’ products, including 3M, Ambra Health, Bayer AI, Lunit, and many others. The event attendees will get access to innovative artificial intelligence technologies and other related products that remove barriers to clinical adoption. 

Chief Technology Officer of Fovia Ai, Kevin Kreeger, said, “We are pleased that the existence of standards such as F.H.I.R., DICOMweb/W.A.D.O., RSNA/ACR CDE’s (including RadElements and RadLex), and SOLE allow our XStream® aiCockpit® A.I. viewer technology to communicate and interact with the various A.I. vendors’ algorithms, A.I. Orchestrator Systems, Reporting Systems, and PACS Archives/Viewers.” 

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He further added that the demo would exhibit the future of artificial intelligence technologies in the radiology domain, and the company is delighted to work with others to connect various AI products in a real-world clinical scenario. Fovia Ai is a United States-based tech company founded by George Buyanovsky and Kenneth Fineman in 2003. 

The firm specializes in developing imaging SDK for 2D and 3D products. It is the global leader in advanced visualization and zero-footprint SDKs. The company has developed many high-end products such as High Definition Volume Rendering, XStream H.D.V.R. and F.A.S.T., and RapidPrint. Fovia Ai has over 20 years of experience in radiology integrations with multiple platforms, partners, and operating systems.  

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