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Facebook to Develop Artificial Intelligence Solution for Age Recognition

Facebook is now training artificial intelligence systems to accurately determine the age of its users and restrict accounts that fail to adhere to its policies.

Tech Giant Facebook announces its plans to develop new artificial intelligence solutions for accurate age recognition. The company has a policy that restricts users of age less than 13 years from registering on its platform. 

Users nowadays bypass this restriction by entering an incorrect age on the social media platform of Facebook. The company plans to tackle this issue using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. 

The company is now seeking help from web browsers and operating system developers to provide them with the required data for developing accurate artificial intelligence algorithms capable of determining the actual age of users. 

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Currently, Facebook depends on user reports against accounts to verify and remove them from the platform. Vice President of youth products at Facebook, Pavni Diwanji, said, “We’re developing AI to find and remove underaged accounts and new solutions to verify people’s ages. We’re also building new experiences designed specifically for those under 13.” 

Facebook is also planning to build a new platform specifically for users below the age of 13.       A new social media platform is currently being developed to enable users to have an age-appropriate online experience that can be managed by their guardians. 

Earlier, the company planned to use government IDs to ensure the age of the users, but now they have changed their approach and are relying on artificial intelligence. The research team plans to use currently available data to train its artificial intelligence system.
While explaining their approach in a recently published blog, Diwanji said, “We look at things like people wishing you a happy birthday and the age written in those messages. We also look at the age you shared with us on Facebook and apply it to our other apps where you have linked your accounts and vice versa.”

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