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Australian Court Decides to Recognize Artificial Intelligence as Inventors

Australian Federal Court announced on Friday that artificial intelligence platforms will now be recognized as inventors. Humans and AI-platforms will now be listed as inventors of a system or technology.

Australian Federal Court now decides to recognize artificial intelligence as inventors under the patent law. This groundbreaking announcement has changed the widely accepted fact that only humans can invent new technologies. 

Earlier this year, the South African government also recognized an artificial intelligence neural network named DABUS as an inventor. An Australian Law professor at the University of Surrey, Ryan Abbot, had also filed two international patents in seventeen different countries across the globe to recognize DABUS and the inventor of two neural systems for adjustable food containers and emergency beacons. 

He mentioned that he wanted to support DABUS after realizing the double standards the current law has for the assessment of human behavior and artificial intelligence. The developer of DABUS, Stephen Thaler, had been engaged in numerous legal cases worldwide for this recognition since 2019. 

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Thaler said, “It’s been more of a philosophical battle, convincing humanity that my creative neural architectures are compelling models of cognition, creativity, sentience, and consciousness.” 

He further added that the recently established fact that their artificial intelligence platform DABUS has developed patent-worthy inventions prove that the system can function as a conscious human brain. 

Dr. Mark Summerfield, the patent attorney of Australia, said, “A recognition in Australian law that the term inventor can encompass a machine would not only be well ahead of the dictionaries, it would also be ahead of any significant usage of the word in this way in society at large, or even among qualified experts in the field.” 

Countries like The United States and the United Kingdom have already rejected to accept artificial intelligence as an inventor. The developers are now looking forward to a positive response from India, Japan, and Israel.

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