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Donald Trump NFTs Collection Sells Out Within a Day

Former US President Donald Trump’s collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sells out within a day of its launch following a hyped announcement on Truth Social. The announcement featured an animated image of Trump in a superhero costume, shooting beams of laser light from his eyes. While the announcement was not exactly what people expected, everyone was surprised.

As per OpenSea, the collection’s trading volume is roughly 900 ETH (US$1.08 million), while its floor price is US$230, more than double the original price (US$99), while some select NFTs are being sold for an even higher price. The rarest kinds (roughly 1,000 NFTs) are selling for as much as 6 ETH! 

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One of these extremely uncommon trade cards depicting the 45th president carrying a torch while standing in front of the Statue of Liberty is listed for 20 ETH, or almost US$24,000. Many one-of-ones are currently held in Gnosis Safe multi-signature wallet, a secured payment wallet for receiving royalty payments via secondary NFT sales.

As per Dune Analytics, over 115 people purchased the set of 45 tickets required for an assured dinner with Trump, and over 17 people bought the maximum quantity permitted by the Trump Card site. However, more metrics hint that other wallets held far more as Trump NFTs collection sells out.

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