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Top Excel Formulas Bots of 2022

Many people use Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets daily to identify trends, organize data, and sort it into meaningful categories. But these tools are less intuitive for the general public when it comes to curating data presentations. Compared to more specific products like Microsoft Word, users would need prior knowledge before getting started with advanced excel or spreadsheets. This is because there are so many options, codes, and formulas to choose from, making it challenging to master the tool and ease your workflows. However, there are specific artificial intelligence tools and bots that can help. These bots intend to alleviate the challenges of creating an excel sheet, especially one with numerous formulas.

This article enlists some potent excel formula bot alternatives. Have a look.

List of useful Excel Formula Bots

Here is a list of some Excel Formula Bots, have a look.

  1. Excel Formula Bot

Excel Formula Bot is probably the most renowned AI bot that generates formulas from input.

The Excel Formula Bot comprises an input field where the user describes what is needed. The website generates results based on the prompts and showcases an example for users to understand how to give inputs. 

Developing formulas with an excel formula bot is as easy as seen in the above example.

  1. QRS Toolbox for Excel

To save time while working with Excel spreadsheets, QRS Toolbox is an excellent excel formula creator that provides custom functions to write short and standard formulas. Without any requirements of complex computing and VBA codes, the excel formula bot is available as an add-in and can directly process data within Excel, reducing software dependence. As an alternative to the excel formula bot, the QRS toolbox is the only publicly available add-in that fits all Pearson and Johnson distributions and other custom techniques not commonly found in other software.

  1. Excel CoPilot

Excel CoPilot is an excellent excel formula bot alternative that can save numerous hours every week. The bot utilizes artificial intelligence to generate complex spreadsheet formulas precisely. It has been trained explicitly on millions of lines of text and code, eliminating the need for users to work through codes to generate formulas. The AI-powered formula bot works on text-to-formula principles and natural language and is available as a free chrome extension.

  1. Publisheet

The first excel formula bot alternative, Publisheet, is an Excel add-in that enables users to have a dynamic cloud-hosted worksheet experience. The add-in comes with formula support without any necessary coding requirements. It is an efficient tool for converting spreadsheets into web pages from within Excel. The tool is compatible with Excel 2016 or later and the online version of Excel. Publisheet also allows users to create custom reports accessible via a public URL.

  1. Lumelixir or Onetap.ai

Lumelixir, also called OneTap.ai, is one of the best AI-based excel formula bot to get rid of googling formulas while working with spreadsheets. People behind Lumelixir believe that time is the most essential element. Lumelixir can help by immediately generating complex formulas within seconds. When given an input to “Find and replace ‘specific’ with ‘set’ from Column AQ,” Limelixir will give output formulas as “=find(“specific”,AQ)&replace(“specific”,”set”,AQ).”

The excel formula bot is available as a chrome extension

  1. Formula Builder – Daniel’s XL Toolbox

Instead of using the excel formula bot online, using the Formula Builder from Daniel’s XL Toolbox can help you generate formulas by automatically collecting the cell references. The formula builder only requires four cell ranges: input groups (group names), input data (cells that contain data), output groups (groups for which a formula is needed), and output formulas (cells where the formula builder writes the formula). Once these inputs are provided, the formula builder will generate the desired output.

As seen in the above images, the excel formula bot will work out the input groups and input data to generate the sorted output groups and the formulas.

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